Spring Roll Manufacturers in New Zealand

Golden Orient foods has been supplying quality hand rolled spring rolls throughout New Zealand since it was established over 30 years ago. Our mouth-watering recipes are a New Zealand favourite and they keep customers coming back for more.

Our Spring Rolls

We use only the freshest locally sourced meat and vegetables and use authentic imported Chinese spices and recipes. All our spring rolls are delicately hand rolled just like homemade. They are then placed in a blast freezer to seal in the goodness at its peak perfection so your customers get the best taste and quality possible.

Our ingredients are healthy and low fat. The pastry is a special blend formulated to be quick drip and low oil penetration which means your fryer oil will last longer.

Safety First

We take food safety very seriously and are HACCP certified which is externally audited. Hygiene testing is done weekly and our rolls are microbiologically tested at an independent laboratory to confirm that we are doing everything right. We never compromise on taste or quality!

Authentic and Fresh

Our spring rolls are prepared using only the freshest meat, vegetables and authentic asian spices.

  • Healthy and low fat.
  • Vegetables sourced fresh from the local farm.
  • Meat and Vegetables from New Zealand.
  • Special blend quick drip pastry.
  • No preservatives in our Savoury Rolls.
  • Product can be kept frozen for 12 months (-18C)
  • Made in New Zealand.
  • HACCP food safety certified.
  • Experienced company with great values.
  • Microbiology tests undertaken on rolls.
  • Hand rolled.
  • Packed with quality ingredients.

Our Commitment to You

Golden Orient Foods is committed to delivering the best quality Spring Rolls in New Zealand. We pride ourselves on our quality product, reliable supply chain and easy to deal with service.

We are always eager to learn and improve our product and customer satisfaction where possible! If you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to contact us and let us know. Please contact us for your local distributor details.

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